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Bug#599200: base-installer: Install amd64 kernel on i686 kvm guest - and fail to boot

affects 599200 qemu-kvm

[Lennart Sorensen]
> The 'lm' flag means this system has 64bit support.  If in fact it
> doesn't, then the VM is broken.  The installer did the right thing
> based on the CPU feature flags.

Assuming this is true, I suggest two things are done to make sure d-i
work on 32-bits kvm guests on a lenny based kvm host.

 (1) base-installer is changed to detect 32-bits kvms and to not
     propose amd64 kernels in this situation.  Not quite sure how to
     detect 32-bit kvms.

 (2) a bug is repoted against some kvm related package, to try to get
     it to stop listing the lm CPU flag for 32-bit kvm guests.  Not
     quite sure which package it should be reported against.  Perhaps

I've asked the kvm maintainer to provide input in this bug, to see if
we can figure out a good way to solve it.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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