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d-i manual: Spanish conversion to gettext


I finished the migration (upload due) of the Spanish translation to

I would like to note that ./update_po $lang needs to be run after
./create_po $lang during migration to obtain complete PO msg headers.
This is not specified in the instrucions or email the docs point to.
Otherwise, the documentation does not build.


only ./create_po

#: index.docbook:7
msgid "How the Installer Works"
msgstr "Funcionamiento del instalador"

./create_po + ./update_po

#. Tag: title
#: using-d-i.xml:7
#, no-c-format
msgid "How the Installer Works"
msgstr "Funcionamiento del instalador"

I also found some problemas during conversion, such as the gratitious
ocurrence of <tags> in msgs where they are not supposed to be.
This is easy to fix by the translator.

My questions are:

1. May I enrichen the info in doc/translation_po.txt? Might be useful if
more langteams follow this path. I'll basically use the email, plus
caveats I found out during conversion.

2. Should I tell this list after I "svn del es && svn add po/es", or
does the automatic build system take care automatically of the change
and no more action is needed?

Moving to other issue, some builds fail for every lang lately, I guess
it has do to with changes in the docs and that you know it.
Just felt I should mention.

Regarding the questions, please CC as I'm not suscribed to this
particular list.

Regards and thanks for the work,
Omar Campagne Polaino

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