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Bug#599360: installation-reports: official 5.0.6 netinst.iso: no support for sc92031 network interface module

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Quoting Jeffrey Sheinberg (jeff@bsrd.net):

> So it appears to me that somehow the sc92031 kernel module was not
> included in the official 5.0.6 netinst.iso kernel/initrd loaded by
> isolinux at boot time.

It's quite unlikely that this is fixed in the Debian stable
installation media.

Can you try this with the development images from
http://www.debian.org/debian/debian-installer? Preferrably choose the
daily builds there, and preferrably the netboot image (not
netinst). The point is seeing if you can go through the network
detection step properly, so you can even do it on the machine you
already installed as this is not destructive...

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