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Bug#598119: Same behaviour with actual squeeze installer

Hello Miguel

> you seem to have 2 network cards.
> One wifi (Intel IPW2200) and a wired network card (Tigon3 [partno(BCM95788A50) 
> rev 3003]).

That's right.
I want to install Debian with help of the wired network card.

> The installer also suports loading external firmware you can see the 
> instructions on the manual (http://d-
> i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch02s02.html)I0m 

Interesting is:
The network card works at the beginning of the installation:
The autmatic network setup works:
There was an ip-address received via DHCP.
But, after partitioning the hard-disk, eth0 is down.

> Isn't debian installer great? :)

Yes, that's right.
Thanks for the great work.

> Closing this bug as Debian don't distribute non-free software and already 
> provides the capability to load firmware.


> Personnal note: as a customer feel free to choose hardware supported with free 
> software and express your feelings on closed source firmware to the 
> manufacturer of your equipments/devices.

Thanks for the hint.
This Notebook was manufactured 2004.
At this time, i have started with Linux.
2004, i had no experience with firmware and other closed-source software
for Linux.

Kind regards

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