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Bug#593235: flash-kernel-installer: Please add gta02 support

Le mardi 14 septembre 2010 à 23:38 +0200, Martin Michlmayr a écrit : 
> > > Why do you need to compress the kernel?  It should be a zImage or
> > > LZMA-image already anywhere.
> > 
> > Yeah, I know, that's a bit tricky (I commented it on the d-i target, but
> > I haven't sent it yet).
> > So, U-Boot have an image format called multi-file images.
> > But there is only one header for the whole image, and so, only one
> > compression method.
> > This compression method is used both to uncompress the kernel and as the
> > compression type of the initrd image.
> > If I don't compress the kernel and say "-C gzip", U-Boot will try to
> > uncompress the kernel, and will obviously fail (since the kernel is
> > executable and uncompress itself).
> > If I specify "-C none", it'll run the kernel just fine, but will fail to
> > tell the kernel that the initrd image is gzip-compressed...
> > So, the only way is to re-compress the kernel...
> We use multi-file images on the HP mv2120 and -C none works fine with
> a regular kernel/compressed initrd combination.  Does u-boot actually
> need to tell the kernel that the ramdisk is compressed?  AFAIK the
> kernel figures this out itself... but I don't have a Freerunner so I
> cannot verify this myself.  Maybe you can test again if -C none works,
> but it it doesn't then I guess your patch is fine (but maybe with a
> comment).

I've just tried (sorry for the *very* late reply, I'm busy with various
things, and not really in the mood, these days), and you're right.
I have probably hit the padding bug, and jumped a bit early to

I'll send a new patch in a few days.

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