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Bug#599926: debian-installer: Boot from first hard-disk after Debian-installer

On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 05:38:56PM +0200, cyberpunk wrote:
> Sure, it does. But won't help, when a machine closes the lid, while booting.

I hate machines that do that.  They often end up trying to break your
CD that you are in the middle of lifting out of the tray.  Serious design

> In many cases this is indeed possible, in some it is not.

Not sure how you can really manage a VM without access to its console
and settings.

> Most harddisks are only empty when they are new...

You can often blank it enough before starting an install if necesary.

> Other distributions have this feature, to skip installer and boot from
> first hard disk.
> Even M$ faces this "problem" with the need of pressing any key, to boot
> from CD.

Sure.  Well maybe someone will add it.  As a user I personally have
never missed it of course, but I can see how in a few cases it might
have been nice.  Of course you have to get the CD out somehow at some
point or it will boot to CD again next time you reboot.  Not a long term
solution for a user either way.

Len Sorensen

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