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Bug#600229: debian-installer: improve support for English-speaking people in Finland

reassign 600229 localechooser
tags 600229 wontfix

Quoting Timo Juhani Lindfors (timo.lindfors@iki.fi):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: wishlist
> While testing
> http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/kfreebsd-amd64/20101014-00:10/netboot/mini.iso
> I noticed that if I enter English as the language and then
> other/Europe/Finland as the location I get
>     "There is no locale defined for the combination of langauge and
>      country you have selected."
> which is puzzling. I'd like to use the Finnish keyboard layout
> (LC_CTYPE=fi_FI) but have everything else set to English
> (LC_ALL=C). What should I choose?

C != English, by the way....but that's not the point of this mail.

How about continuing to choose English, then Finland? 

You will then have the opportunity to choose whatever keymap you want
(LC_CTYPE has nothing to do with the used keymap anyway), you will get
the timezone for Finland, etc.

The *locale* on the installed system will be en_US, indeed
(LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8). Because there is no en_FI (there is no point
having such locale).

This is what the message you quote is telling you, indeed.

So, if you want to tweak your LC_* variables later on, you have to do
it manually. We will not add support for this in the installer:
locales are a deeply complicated things and, for 99% of users, there
is no point in setting LC_* variables differently than LC_ALL. We thus
assume that those people who need such finetuning will do it on their
own later on on the installed system.

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