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Bug#599203: os-prober: Causes Data Corruption on a SAN setup; Mounts SAN volumes that are already mounted on a different host.

Quoting Aleksandr Levchuk (alevchuk@cs.ucr.edu):
> Package: os-prober
> Version: 1.39
> Severity: important
> An upgrade (os-prober 1.35 -> 1.39) corrupted 3.3 TB of data on our SAN.

Sigh. From what I've witnessed over the years, os-prober has always
been designed as a component of Debian Installer, used to properly
setup boot loaders' menus at install time.

Apparently, recent evolutions turned it to be installed on running
systems *because* grub recommends it.

However, I'm not sure it has ever been designed to be used in a
regular system context...hence these problems.

Joey Hess, in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=476184,
explicitly mentioned that grub2 should *suggest* os-prober.

Dealing with #491872, grub2 maintainers apparently decided to bump the
dependency to "Recommends". I don't see a really strong rationale in
that bug report, particularly in lighht to problem like yours.

So, my advice is to upgrade this to RC severity, reassign the bug to
grub2 to have it relax its dependency. 

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