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Bug#601363: ERROR: Unable to automatically remove LVM data

Package: debian-installer

I'm using the current lenny installer.  I have a system with two
disks, one of which I want erased as part of installer partitioning
(and the other of which I will install later).

However, I see this:

  !! ERROR: Unable to automatically remove LVM data

  Because the volume group(s) on the selected device also consist of physical
  volumes on other devices, it is not considered safe to remove its LVM data
  automatically. If you wish to use this device for partitioning, please remove
  its LVM data first.
  [Press enter to continue]

This should be a question, rather than a fatal error, so that I can
preseed it to make it go ahead.  I don't care if it's not "safe"; I
should have the option to destroy data.


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