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Bug#588742: debian-installer: The netinstall iso image does not recognize the attached PS/2 keyboard.

Eh, this bugreport mixes two things - Torsten, the original submitter
had problem with PS/2 keyboard, while Moises has problem with USB
keyboard, wich are two completely different things and should be dealt
with separately.

However, Moises mentioned he uses Comfy KB 16e, which is apparently
sold by Genius. I have seen several Genius keyboards that were so
crippled that they refused to work with standard usbhid kernel module
and required to use the simpler usbkbd instead.

I believe usbkbd is not included on install media, but if it was, it
might be possible to test by blacklisting usbhid and enforcing usbkbd.

Miroslav Kure

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