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Re: Last call for testing, announcement on Saturday


kFreeBSD/i386 installation

 - debian-squeeze-di-beta1-kfreebsd-i386-xfce+lxde-CD-1.iso
 - http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/squeeze_di_beta1/kfreebsd-i386/iso-cd/

fails at the Install bootloader step with error

  "The 'grub-pc' package failed to install into /target."

Log on tty4 displays:

  main-menu[110]; INFO: Menu item 'grub-installer' selected
  grub-installer: info: architecture: kfreebsd-i386/generic
  grub-installer: info: Identified partition label for /dev/ad0s2: msdos
  grub-installer: dpkg: warning: ignorin request to remove grub which isn't installed
  grub-installer: dpkg: warning: ignorin request to remove grub-legacy which isn't installed
  /bin/in-target: warning: /target/etc/mtab won;t be updated dince it is a symlink
  in-target: Reading package lists...
  in-target: Building dependency tree...
  in-target: Reading state information...
  in-target: E
  in-target: :
  in-target: Unable to locate package grub-pc
  grub-installer: info: Calling 'apt-install grub-pc' failed

Looking at /target/etc/apt/sources.list all three lines (cdrom,
security and sources for security) were commented out.

Uncommenting the cdrom line helped and after rerunning the 'Install
bootloader' step the installation finished as expected.

Possible causes of the error:

 - the machine was not able to connect to the network (that's why I
   chose to go with full CD media and not only netinst), due to the
   fact WPA setup is not supported - therefore after failling to
   obtain DHCP lease I chose 'No network setup now'.

 - question to install additional software displayed only 'Standard
   unix tools' task, which I deselected as I prefer to select
   individual packages.

Miroslav Kure

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