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Bug#598601: Now successfull install PDX-057T-5A

Quoting Tapio Lehtonen (tapio.lehtonen@dnainternet.net):

> Then SD-card showed up as /dev/sdb and USB stick as /dev/sda. Boot media was USB stick, installed on 
> SD-card. I guessed boot fails because SD card becomes /dev/sda when USB-stick is removed, so at the 
> boot after installation I changed GRUB2 config, changed
>   set root='(hd1,msdos1)'
> to
>   set root='(hd0,msdos1)'
> Now panel pc works fine. 

Hmmm, do you think that something needs to be fixed in d-i or do you
finally consider this as a fully successful install?

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