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GRUB2 doesn’t is installed on SATA HD

I have a MB with 2 SATAI/II and 1 IDE 100 port.

I have installed 2 HDs, one IDE and one SATAII, and 1 SATA DVD rom.

MB BIOS detect IDE Master (channel 1) and SATA HD master on channel 2
and DVD rom slave on channel 2, too.

I do do a fresh instalation (Debian testing last week).

When I choose to install grub-pc on SATA HD and click "Continue",
installer tell me that I *don't" had choose any drive to install
grub-pc! I try to install it on the first partition of SATA HD and got
the same result. I choose install without grub-pc. The system is
installed ok.

However, when I reboot, bios tell me that there isn't a BOOT drive. No
boot here.

I boot with a livecd and do the steps to rescue grub. The process is
ok and no errors is reported.

I try to reboot from sata hd and bios tell me that no boot drive.

I boot with Super GRUB2 Disk and tell it to "Detect any GRUB2
installation (even if mbr is overwritten)". My GRUB is found on
(hd0,1) and I could load it and boot my system!

So, now, for boot my system, I need the SG2D all time.

I have installed the same system on IDE HD and all is fine! No
problem, so, no errors with my media dvd nor with the iso image.

What I could do to solve this issue?

Thank you very much!

Marcelo Luiz de Laia
Diamantina - MG - Brasil (Brazil)
Linux user number 487797

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