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Bug#599926: debian-installer: Boot from first hard-disk after Debian-installer

 On 10/13/10 4:47 PM, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> Doesn't the installer already eject the cd at the end of the install?
> That seems to handle it for many machines.
Sure, it does. But won't help, when a machine closes the lid, while booting.
> In the case of kvm, you can connect to the kvm console and eject an iso
> or disconnect the cdrom device from the drive.
In many cases this is indeed possible, in some it is not.
> If you set the bios to boot hd then cdrom, most bioses will skip the HD
> if it blank, so you can boot the cd first, install then boot hd.
Most harddisks are only empty when they are new...

Other distributions have this feature, to skip installer and boot from
first hard disk.
Even M$ faces this "problem" with the need of pressing any key, to boot
from CD.

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