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.orig.tar.gz or .tar.gz? AM report for Michel Dänzer [MAILER-DAEMON: Returned mail: see transcript for details] Aaron Brashears on Hold AM report contents, was: Re: task & skills AM report for Andreas Bombe Re: AM report for Bastian Blank AM report for Daniel Lutz AM report for David Z Maze AM report for Eray Ozkural AM report for Eric Cain AM report for Eric Dorland AM report for Eric Sharkey AM report for Igor Genibel AM report for Kevin Lindsay AM report for Manuel Estrada Re: AM report for Mariusz Przygodzki AM report for Michael Moerz AM report for Michael Weber AM report for Rene Mayrhofer AM report for Roland Mas AM report for Sergio Talens-Oliag AM report for Stephen Frost AM report for Stephen Langasek AM report for Stijn de Bekker AM report for Toni Mueller AM report for Yooseong Yang AM report of Mikael Hedin AM report on AM Report on Chad Miller AM report on Hector Garcia Chris Ball on hold Chris Mazuc on hold Christophe Prudhomme on hold Current delay to registration (Re: RFC: Changing the NM system) David Bishop on Hold Re: David Bishop on Hold] Re: Debian New Maintainer Status on Final report: Jonthan Hall Frederico S. Munoz AM report Goswin Brederlow Holiday in Colorado Springs (key signings?) Jim Turk on hold Re: long term goals of debian membership Re: New Debian maintainer Paul Robert Hedderly New e-mail address Re: has new improved statistics Please change my subscription address RFC: Changing the NM system Robert Jördens on hold Shugo Maeda AM report Simon Richter put on hol Sponsorship of a new maintainer sponsorship was: task & skills Step 5: Evaluation and Check-in Re: task & skills Unidentified subject! Vacation Weekly new maintainers posts? why not use ssh public keys? yuhong liu on hold The last update was on 08:56 GMT Sun May 12. There are 180 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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