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AM report for David Z Maze


I recommend David Z Maze to be accepted as Debian Developer.

2. Identification
His key is signed by Mark W. Eichin, Sam Hartman.

pub  1024D/53C74DE9 2000-10-24 David Z Maze <dmaze@mit.edu>
sig!       53C74DE9 2000-10-24  David Z Maze <dmaze@mit.edu>
sig!       FAADAC25 2000-12-05  Mark W. Eichin <eichin@thok.org>
sig!       3C86260F 2000-12-06  Sam Hartman <hartmans@mit.edu>
sub  1024g/CFC08DC0 2000-10-24
sig!       53C74DE9 2000-10-24  David Z Maze <dmaze@mit.edu>

3. Philosophy and Procedures
He understood DFSG and DSC, this is demostrated by his great
Procedures and Philosophy answers. He knew about the tex, dfsg8, 
free beer/free speech, non-free/contib/main, pine, the 3 BTS method,
non-free not in distrib, but supported and everything about NMUs.

4. Tasks and Skills
He packaged up 3 lintian clean packages, except the debconf scripts (!).

Quoting from him mail:

-- Signals (signals), a quick program I threw together using Gtk+ to
demonstrate how rail signals would work under different
conditions.  This is lintian-clean.
-- The Moaning Goat Meter (mgm), a gaudy load meter along the lines of
procmeter3.  See http://www.xiph.org/mgm/; I've submitted an ITP
for this, but it doesn't seem to have shown up on
http://bugs.debian.org/wnpp yet.  This is also lintian-clean; it's
architecture-independent, since it's entirely written in Perl/Tk.
-- MIT Hesiod (hesiod, libhesiod3, libhesiod3-dev).  It's a
name-service library used at MIT and elsewhere to get information
about password entries or filesystem mappings (it works with autofs
but that setup isn't actually used at MIT).  If you install hesiod
and libhesiod3 and use the default debconf settings, you should be
able to say 'hesinfo dmaze passwd' to get my /etc/passwd entry for
MIT Athena, or 'hesinfo dmaze filsys' to find out where my Athena
home directory lives.

Gergely Risko

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