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AM report for Michel Dänzer

Summary for Michel Dänzer <daenzerm@student.ethz.ch>


Michel's GnuPG key has been signed by Debian developer Giacomo
Catenazzi <cate@dplanet.ch>:

pub  1024D/D3502185 2000-11-13 Michel Daenzer <daenzerm@student.ethz.ch>
sig        B1DF9A57 2000-11-14  Giacomo Catenazzi <cate@dplanet.ch>

Philosophy & Procedures

Michel's summary of the SC and DFSG showed that he understands these
documents.  Furthermore, he answered all my questions without any
problems: free speech vs free beer, Debian specific licenses, mpg123
license problems, TeX, main vs non-free, etc.  Also, Michel knows
about Debian procedures: he explained NMUs (which is important since
he works on the PowerPC port), closing bugs and mailing lists.

Tasks & Skills

Michel is primarily working on the PowerPC port.  He has taken over the
"kernel-image-2.2.10-apus" package from Sven Luther -- he's currently
working on adapting Sven's package, updating it to the latest CVS code of
the linux-apus project at SourceForge.  Sven Luther says, "He is
currently one of the responsibles of the linux-apus port, and is also a
xfree maintainer, and could help, as time permits with the port of the
xfree package for powerpc, which is currently having some trouble. He has
also been active on the debian-powerpc list, and plans to help in the
build process of ppc packages."  I can confirm Michel's activities on
debian-powerpc since he helped the web team when the PowerPC web pages
where outdated (see #76437).

Sven adds, "I don't know him personnaly, but have been in mail-contact
with him since now almost two year, and find him a serious and dedicated
person.  All in all, i think he would be a valuable addition to debian."


I recommend that Michel be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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