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Re: David Bishop on Hold

* Jordi Mallach <jordi@debian.org> [20001213 10:57]:
> with BTS problems: trivial, longstanding bugs, bugs that were fixed
> already but are still open in BTS, bug tagging, etc.
> What do we do with this cases? Remove them from the database?

Put him on hold, tell him that he can fix bugs without being an
official Debian developer.  Tell him he can still become a Debian
developer if he wants -- ask him to fix a couple of bugs over
a period of one or two months.  If he fixes many bugs, I would
approve him in 2 months (ie. if you see that he _really_ does
work for Debian, then approve him.  You can also check on
http://bugs.debian.org if he submitted bug reports before).

Also, point him to the QA mailing list (debian-qa) and the web site
http://qa.debian.org  (Also, the QA web site says that you can be
a "QA member" without being a Debian developer).
Martin Michlmayr

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