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AM report for Roland Mas


I recommend Roland Mas to be accepted as Debian Developer.

2. Identification
pub  1024D/144843F5 2000-11-09 Roland Mas <99.roland.mas@aist.enst.fr>
sig!       393D2469 2000-11-09  Thomas Quinot <thomas@cuivre.fr.eu.org>
sig!       144843F5 2000-11-09  Roland Mas <99.roland.mas@aist.enst.fr>
sig?       E4B089C1 2000-11-09
sig!       134012DD 2000-11-09  Thomas Quinot <Thomas.Quinot@Cuivre.FR.EU.ORG>
sub  1024g/9CF32364 2000-11-09
sig!       144843F5 2000-11-09  Roland Mas <99.roland.mas@aist.enst.fr>

3. Philosophy and Procedures
He understood DFSG and DSC, this is demostrated by his great
Procedures and Philosophy answers. He summarized the key points well.
He wrote nearly an essay about free speech ;) He knew about the tex, dfsg8, 
non-free/contib/main, many problems about pine licensing, the 3 BTS method,
non-free not in distrib, but supported and everything about NMUs. He also
wrote about NMUs version numbering, so p&p passed very well.

4. Tasks and Skills
He is one of the programmer and administrator of the SourceForge.
He produced up 2 well made packages. One of them is SourceForge ;)
sourceforge: Integrated development project framework
    lintian warningfs which can be ignored safely
dpkg-dev-el:Emacs-related stuff for dpkg-dev
    lintian clean
He also wrote me a little essay about package-pools. So now I know about
them ;)
I think he will be a really good debian developer, I hope he will take
him account as fast as he can.

Gergely Risko

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