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Frederico S. Munoz AM report


I recommend Frederico S. Muņoz to be accepted as Debian Developer.

2. Identification
His ID check is done by photo-ID, because signing is really impossible.
His photo ID is signed by him GPG key, and confirmed by his friend.
So Identification is ok.
His keyID: 165A9742

3. Philosophy and Procedures
He wrote long answers to my questions, which were very good, and enough.
He could explain the DSC and DFSG. He knew the DFSG 4 about TeX, and he
said that it is only a compromise, he won't put restrictions like this to
programs. He knew that non-free is not the part of debian, and because of
that you can't download CD-images. He understood dfsg 8, and said that
other restrictions on groups forbidden too. He could explain the difference
between free beer and free speech, knew the things about pine and contrib/
main/non-free. Agreed with DMUP and DSC and DFSG. He knew about BTS,
and also said a lot about NMUs. 

4. Tasks and Skills
He packaged sel, a console file selector and command runner.
It is lintian clean and very high-quality package. He found a lot of
very little bug himself, before I can reply to his mails. I think
he will be a really good maintainer, he know a lot of things now.
I also think that he passed the RHT without pain.

Gergely Risko

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