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Re: task & skills

On Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 07:38:30PM +0100, Gergely Risko wrote:
> Hello!
> At last as an argue closing mail.
> My english is really bad, it is true. If you want we can continue this
> topic in Hungarian, and we will see what about your hungarian skills? ;)
> About my tasks as a AM.
> I think, my "job" is teaching the applicant to package something.

This is your "job".

<URL: http://www.debian.org/devel/join/nm-checklist>

None of them say `teach your applicant the essence of PKI and then 
prepare an exam for them to evaluate them' (or something similiar).

Your task(s) are not that low-level. They are high-level (identity 
check, tasks & skills, policy and procedures) and you should expect 
your applicant to be able to satisfy them without prompting from you.

Any prompting you do is a courtesy. Most AMs provide assistance

> If this is not my task, then this will be thought by the half sentences
> of the ftp-masters which will be public to the community. He will ask,
> why Gergely didn't say it? He approved me with my bad package, and now

Well I asked one of them (James) about you. He didn't know who you were,
so I don't think he is cursing you.

> I've got a deb-installer log, which I can't understand or interpret.
> I have to read docs, Gergely was for helping me, but in the real
> he dropped me to the deep water.

Or you pointed him to debian-mentor@lists.debian.org or any of the
task-specific mailing lists (-x, -ipv6, -perl, etc.) that can

My role is make sure that anyone I approve has the ability to figure out
where they need to go for further help and/or information. They can
always ask me (of course) but if they have to often then I have failed
(in my own opinion).

> But now an offer to all of my applicants:
> You can ask for a new AM if you want. For a less strict, better AM.
> I will send a mail to Dale, and ask for a new AM to you. This AM won't
> ask as many things about p&p and t&s as me, and you will be approved
> faster, and you will wait in the queue for approving as I did it.
> If you want this please send a mail as fast as you can to risko@debian.org
> with subject New, better AM please!

We'll even through in a set of brand new steak knives!


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