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Re: task & skills

* Christian Kurz <shorty@debian.org> [20001203 14:24]:
> > The Build-Depends: I didn't count but I guess about 80 - 90% get
> Also I wonder how you can guess that the number is so high? I think
> it would be only about 10-20& judging from looking at the bug
> reports.

Sorry, I wasn't clear.  80-90% of my NM applicants get it work.

> In my opinion it's not the job of the application manager to fix
> packages.

I don't fix his package.  I tell him about errors, explain them and
have him fix it.

> If a new maintainer has no sponsor, he should first get one
> assigned, who will guide him and check the packages. After he passed
> this test, he should be processed by the NMs and not earlier.

That's ok for me.  Talk to the guys responsible for the NM process and
change it -- but please make sure you have enough sponsors.

> What do you want to state with this sentence? You forgot that it's
> easier to send a mail to an experined developer telling him his package
> has wrong build-dependency then sending such a mail to a new maintainer.

I don't believe this.  An experienced developer is more likely to
ignore you than a NM because he is 'experienced' anyway and the NM
knows he has still much to learn. (Yes, I have experienced exactly
this when telling people about using the new WNPP.  The new developers
appreciate your help, the existing developers ignore you).

> Did you ever take a look how much stuff Adrian is doing for debian
> and qa in debian? If not, I would suggest that you first examine
> this

I know what Adrian does, and I ADORE him for his work.  I think Adrian
is one of the best guys in Debian, and I feel really bad about him
leaving the QA group.  And I do think he has a point, but what he
wants is not possible in the current framework (ie it's not the job of
an AM to sponsor a application).

> before blaming him for such small bug.

Ah, here the Build-Depends is a "small bug" but in the case of my
applicant, it's serious...  The build dependency problem in "patch"
was a serious problem for ME when I tried to make a hierarchy of
build dependencies, and that's why I filed a bug.

> The people I know in the NM queue read the documention and if
> somehthing is unclear to them, I explain it and then undersand it
> and fix their packages.

That's the same I do.

> > uploading my package" which I proposed earlier in this thread (and to
> This is not needed since there's lintian and a lot of sponsors who can
> check the rest of the package for bugs, that lintian won't catch.

There IS lintian.  But please explain why most of the packages I
receive from appliants are not lintian clean.  I don't think they are
too lazy.  I just think it's a problem with the documentation.  A
check list would help, I think.
Martin Michlmayr

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