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Re: task & skills

On Sunday 03 December 2000 21:39, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> * Brendan Cully (brendan@kublai.com) [001203 21:18]:
> > The maintainer has a lot of responsibility for integrating all these
> > contributions in a sane way, so that changes don't break systems,
> > don't break upgrades, don't break removals, and work with the rest of
> > the debian system. You can't do these things reliably without a good
> > amount of knowledge about the package system, and some experience on
> > top of that.
> Quite a limited perspective, wouldn't you agree? As if Debian was only
> about packages?

That's not limited perspective but requirements for a fundamental knowledge 
about Debian, like a primary school.

> And this way you create a new bottleneck: the webmaintainer collects the
> webpatches, the hurd maintainer collects all the hurd patches etc....
> Look at the linux kernel for an example of a one person bottleneck.
> Quality and speed of releases is not improving.

I can not agree about a quality (see discussions on kernel.org) but 
personally I don't care about "an improving speed of releases" to much until 
Debian is a non-commercial distribution.

> Then call him a developer. You are right: Maintainers maintain packages,
> developer develop new stuff.

Nope. Debian maintaners maintain packages and, if it's necessary, make (lots 
of) patches.

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