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Re: task & skills

Just my two cents for the "hot" discussion about tasks and skills. I am ready 
for blaming from everybody.

In my opinion *every* applicant before he/she become a maintaner should have 
at least *one* sponsored package in the distribution (adopted or new).

The whole NM process looks more like a theoretical exam than practical. It 
doesn't matter how excellent an applicant may describe in his/her own words a 
difference between free beer and free software or how many signatures from 
Debian maintaners he/she has until he/she hasn't more than a fundamental 
knowledge about Debian packaging. 

Of course, it may cause the NM process will take more time for some 
applicants but it doesn't matter until we care about a *quality* also and we 
care not only about a *quantity*. If some applicants want to join Debian for 
doing other job than packaging then it doesn't matter if they have accounts 
or haven't (at least until they try to upload something some day).

That's obviously the AM and the sponsor should be different persons if we 
care also about more objective (and more democratic) NM process. Looking for 
sponsors is not so difficult until an applicant has enough motivations and 
patience for doing Debian work. Both these "features" are also very useful in 
this case.


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