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Re: task & skills

On Monday 04 December 2000 00:13, Neal H Walfield wrote:
> I help develop and help maintain the Hurd.  As
> such, it is important to me the direction it takes.  What is also
> important to me is having a voice in the Debian project (of which the
> Hurd is a part -- at least the front page of Debian makes that claim).
> Sure, I can post to mailing lists and make my opinion known, however, I
> cannot vote.  Thus, what happens when there is a vote about the Hurd (or
> in general).  Will other developers working and maintaining the Hurd not
> have a voice?  Or what if I wish to call a vote?  Or propose an amendment?

Yes. You right at this point and this is a problem. 
But what would be happen if tenths of new maintaners, accepted by theirs good 
intensions only, decide to vote for something wrong about the GNU Debian/Hurd 
project and against you, only from this reason they never did any package 
which works also under the Hurd? Which situation is better for you?


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