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Re: why not use ssh public keys?

Hi Lenart!

On Sun, 24 Dec 2000, Lenart Janos wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> Currently -AFAIK- the DAM sends your (random) password to you encrypted by your GPG key, 
> when your account has been created. An alternative should be that the applicant sends (in 
> the answare for the Initial Contact) his/her public ssh key signed with GPG. It would be 
> only highly recommended and not mandatory.
> What others think?

Won't buy you anything. As soon as the applicant is approved and has his
account he can mail them to db.d.o herself. FWIW I even think the passwd
sending is unnecessary work for the DAM since the developer can reset it
using the email interface.


PGP signed and encrypted messages preferred.

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