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AM report for Toni Mueller


I recommend Toni Mueller to be accepted as Debian Developer.

2. Identification
His key is signed by Roland Rosenfeld.

pub  1024D/75CB1AD2 2000-11-02 Toni Mueller <debian@tonimueller.org>
sig!       BD8B050D 2000-11-03  Roland Rosenfeld <roland@spinnaker.de>
sig!       75CB1AD2 2000-11-02  Toni Mueller <debian@tonimueller.org>
sub  1024g/696AD87C 2000-11-02
sig!       75CB1AD2 2000-11-02  Toni Mueller <debian@tonimueller.org>

3. Philosophy and Procedures
This applicant showeed me that he understands the DFSG and DSC, because
he could described the main points, and answered my questions about them
well. He knew the difference about free-speech/free-beer, the DFSG 4, DFSG 8.
He knew that official non-free mages aren't available. Knew the main
issues about Pine.
And wrote good answers to NMU questions too, and knew the BTS as well.

4. Tasks and Skills
He packaged up a lot of packages, I checked only two of them, because I think
it's enough.
libdata-showtable-perl: Module Data::ShowTable
libapache-dbilogconfig-perl: The Perl5 Apache DBI LogConfig module

Gergely Risko
Debian developer

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