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Re: Debian New Maintainer Status on nm.debian.org

* Mariusz Przygodzki <dune@home.pl> [20001202 19:56]:
> > that your AM submits a good, long, verbose report to the DAM showing
> > your qualifications and your understanding of the Debian philosophy.
> This is not revelant information and it doesn't explain big differences
> between waiting times for DAM approval.

LOL.  If you know better, then why ask?  Then YOU tell me.

Come on, Mariusz, you have waited for DAM approval for only a week
(And your AM was pretty fast as well).  What are you complaining
about?  James has other things to do right now, such as making the
package pools stable.  Give him some time.  Stop complaining, and
do something useful for Debian.  Then we are all better off.
Martin Michlmayr

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