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Re: task & skills


[ Well, I don't want to quote from Gergo's or Kumira's mail, I really 
hope that everyone read *and* remember them. ]

I don't agree with Kumira's mail.

I think our goal is to create a good, trustable OS, that one includes 
as much valuable program as much we can debianize. Currently Debian is  
stands for these. Debian is on the top because it's organised very 
well, it has high standards, DSC and others. Quality must be much 
more important than quanity. Am I right?!

Our philosophy is 'help the applicants'. Approving them anyway (in 
the hope they won't screw up the user's system) is not good for anyone
Helping the applicants takes lot's of time from the applicants who can 
read those manuals before submitting their apply query. I don't think 
the NM process should be a 'school', and I don't know why AMs have to 
spend time for applicants who don't read manuals, just ask. They should 
be rejected after one or two questions. For example, that's trivial 
that some of them can't even use gpg, don't know about lintian, etc. 
Everyhing is written down clearly.

I have an idea: The applicant should must fill a form before apply. 
This form would contain questions like:
"  What is lintian?
    A) LINux Teachers International AssociatioN
    B) lintian is Debian's very old document
    C) lintian is package checker"

and, if he can answare 5/5 questions only then he can apply. Of course, 
there would be only questions that can be checked by a script. With 
this we can avoid web-surfers wasting AMs time.

One other thing:
BTS. Yes, BTS is exists, but that is for the bugs we don't know before
upload (it should be for them!). Applicants who can't run lintian
should be rejected without further questions or discussions.


ps: Take care with the NM's packages :-/

Lenart, Janos

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