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Re: task & skills

* Mariusz Przygodzki (dune@home.pl) [001203 23:45]:
> Yes. You right at this point and this is a problem. 
> But what would be happen if tenths of new maintaners, accepted by theirs good 
> intensions only, decide to vote for something wrong about the GNU Debian/Hurd 
> project and against you, only from this reason they never did any package 
> which works also under the Hurd? Which situation is better for you?

This is a totally hypothetical questions. Without saying so clearly you seem
to suggest, the the left (or right, pick whatever seems suteable) half of the
brain is not working before people packaged a debian package. 
(Was debhelper invented for that reason to give them a jump start? We should
remove it again!)

Votes are usually not taken before a lengthly diskussion went on and everyone
reading it was properly flam^H^H^H^Heducated.

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