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Re: RFC: Changing the NM system

Hallo! Du (Adrian Bunk) hast geschrieben:

>No, I don't intend to change this. My point is: Someone who has a Debian
>account can do much harm (intentional or accidential). That's a reason why
>I think we should have a severe look at the work of an applicant before he
>gets an account.

I think that it's also important to look that the existing
Debian-Maintainers (no matter how they got into the official part of
the project) do the work that is now expected from the NMs.

When i look into the BTS, i see a lot of bugs, that are somehow fixed,
but not closed, or bugs where no one has touched them for years.
(not even 'wontfix' or 'moreinfo' -actions.)

It's wrong to let NM run through a long procedure, and on the other
side old maintainers disappear (or stop working on their Package) and
nobody cares.


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