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Re: task & skills

On 00-12-03 Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Christian Kurz <shorty@debian.org> [20001203 17:39]:
> > debian packages and fixing other bug packages. You can't only look at
> > the bug reports of people and judge them. You also should take a look at
> > how much they contributed already to debian.

> You won't believe it, but I do that with my applicants.  If you read
> more than one AM report written by me, you would see that.  I think

Can you give me some urls? I don't have really the time to search the
whole mailinglist archive for AM reports.

> I'm also the only AM who does a google.com search on the applicant to
> get a broader picture of his activities.

And which can often fail. Either you get to much info, because the name
is to common or you get absolutely no info, because there no website
with information about him. I think this search won't help you find out
more about your applicant.

> > Because to many people don't know about lintian and it's package tests.
> > I think we need to make this tool more popular as it's really helpful.

> You are contradicting yourself, Christian.  When I say, "we need more
> documentation", you say that there is enough documentation.  And now
> you admit that many people don't know about lintian (ie that the
> documentation doesn't mention it properly).

No, because we have enough documentation that also explains the use of
lintian. But it's not really wide know and used by the developers
itself. There's a big difference between "A tool is popular and often
used" and "We need more documentation". We have enough documentation,
but some of the helper tools are not popular enough.

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