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Re: task & skills

On 00-12-03 Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de> [20001203 13:11]:
> > Martin is only "an AM", but...

> I forgot to mention one thing: I think I'm the AM who asks the _most_
> questions about Philosophy & Procedures.  I think this area is in
> particular important because then I see if the applicant fits into

Well, philosophy is helpful for fitting into debian, but we also need
technical skill people because we are not discussion philosophy here,
but building a linux distribution. 

> Debian.  I do check their skills, and I point out errors, but when I
> have the feeling that the applicant has the qualification and can
> learn (and seeing from the P&P questions that he will fit it partly
> shows me that he will accept the opinion of other Debian developer),
> I'll accept him.

Looking at the URL which Adrian mentioned for the report of J. Scott
Jaderholm <lispbliss@sage.cortland.com> from you, I have to say, that I
don't agree with it. Applicants with such a buggy package, should firt
be sponsored for some time by a debian developer until they can proove
that they can produce debian package without such bugs. Letting this
people become debian developer increases unneccessary the workload of
the QA Team, and we already have enough stuff to do.

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