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AM report on

AM report on Noah L. Meyerhans


I recommend that Noah becomes a Debian developer.

Applicant info:

Name:	         Noah Meyerhans
Current email:   frodo@morgul.net
Preferred email: noahm@debian.org
                 (to be forwarded to frodo@morgul.net)
Phone number:	 +1-617-253-5871 (US, between 10:00 and 18:00 EST)


Noah provided me with the following gpg key:

pub  1024D/11404EC3 2000-08-31 Noah Meyerhans <frodo@morgul.net>
sig        11404EC3 2000-08-31  Noah Meyerhans <frodo@morgul.net>
sig        8A5AF90D 2000-12-01  Hugo Haas <hugo@debian.org>
uid                            Noah Meyerhans <noahm@lcs.mit.edu>
sig        BEED946E 2000-09-06  [User id not found]
sig        11404EC3 2000-08-31  Noah Meyerhans <frodo@morgul.net>
sig        8A5AF90D 2000-12-01  Hugo Haas <hugo@debian.org>
sub  1024g/F8E58BF2 2000-08-31
sig        11404EC3 2000-08-31  Noah Meyerhans <frodo@morgul.net>

It is signed by Hugo Haas <hugo@debian.org>.

Identification check passed.

Policy and procedures:
I asked Noah some questions to make sure he understands the key points
of the Social Contract and the DFSG. His answers are quite satisfactory,
and I am convinced he understands the key points.

Policy and procedures check passed.

Tasks and Skills:

Noah wrote me:

  I have submitted an ITP for the wmwave program for monitoring the
  status of a wirless ethernet connection.  It is a very simple package,
  but I chose to work in it as there were no interesting packages
  available for adoption and I wanted something straightforward to work
  on initially.  I have been active on debian-user for a number of years
  and have taken part in the testing of numerous release freezes.  I
  have submitted bug reports when necessary.  As for work I intend to do
  in the future, I wish to work on IPV6 support in the distribution.  I
  am currently using woody in an IPv6 environment and have been tracking
  kernel and glibc development efforts with respect to IPv6.  I am also
  a system administrator by trade and can provide provide both admin
  services and bandwidth if needed (through mit.edu in the US).  I have
  worked as a "web programmer" creating dynamic, database driven web
  sites using Apache, Perl, and Linux in the past and am very willing
  and able to help in that regard.

His package wmwave can be downloaded at
http://locust.lcs.mit.edu/~noahm/wmwave/. I checked it, and apart from a
small lintian error (man page in wrong dir) it looks ok. I asked Noah to
correct this little error, which he swiftly did.

Tasks and skills check passed.

Kind regards,
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