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Re: task & skills

On Sunday 03 December 2000 22:09, Neal H Walfield wrote:
> I am applying to become a Debian maintainer.  At the moment, I am not
> interested in packaging anything.  Period.  I do not have the time and
> would rather exert myself elsewhere.  Thus, should I not be made a Debian
> maintainer?  Will you recommend my rejection?

My recommendation means nothing for you, but I am not sure if you are sure 
why you want to become Debian maintaner.

> There is a lot more about debian then making packages.  There is
> documentation, internationalization and debian internal projects such as
> dpkg, apt, the installer, boot floppies and others.  These take more than
> a single person to code up and a list ends up as the maintainer of the
> resulting packages.
> How about the maintenance of the servers, is that not a worthy job?  Or
> perhaps PR?  The webpage?
> And finally, how about the ports?  Are the Debian/BSD port or the
> Debian/Hurd port not in need of Debian people?

You have listed almost everything but you forgot lots of above works are 
performed by regular maintaners. If I remember I wrote about Debian accounts, 
in other word about a some technical aspect which is very useful if you want 
to upload packages. Don't treat a Debian account like a diploma or laurels.

> The thing that bothers me the _most_ is that all of the tasks that I
> have listed take _way_ more effort than maintaining some package of
> the packages in our archive:  many are updated a few times a year, if
> that.

So it means you are _very_ experienced in non-packaging and packaging Debian 
work if you have such consolidated opinion. I am sorry but personally I can 
not say what kind of Debian effort is bigger or more valuable.

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