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Re: task & skills

This mail is intended to create some sort of opposing viewpoint and I would like
to lay out my personal experiense concerning Marin as a AM.

I got appointed Martin as a AM, and he always was friendly and helpfull. 

As a matter of fact he emphasised several times that I should take my time
to do my job properly and was very serious about the quality of debian
packages. He proved to be competent in all the aspects of packaging and
'debianness' we encountered so far. However, he answered promtly to my
questions/mails/statements and I could not say, that time was wasted on his

He does not regard his job as done after the NM (me) got a debian account, but
supports his NM further down the road. In fact by now we exchanged far more
mails after my NM appointment then during that time. I am willing to support
this (and other claims I made in this mail) with an archiv of mails we (Martin
and me) exchanged both during and after my NM process.

I am willing to step down from beeing a Debian developer if Martins approach
to things should prove to have been too sloppy or if he did not take his part
of NM prosess not serious.

Overall I find it much more valuabel to have training on the job (over a
longer periode of time) even after becoming a Debian Maintainer, than just one
(long) test.

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