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AM report for Rene Mayrhofer

AM report for new developer Rene Mayrhofer:

I have met Rene IRL and signed his key C3C24BDE which mine:
pub  1024D/C3C24BDE 1999-10-04 Rene Mayrhofer <rmayr@vianova.at>
sig        B53F901C 2000-11-21  Gerfried Fuchs (Alfie) <alfie@innocent.com>
... which is in the keyring.

Philosophy & Procedures
Rene understands the DFSG quite well and agreed explicitely to our
social contract and the DMUP.

Tasks & Skills
Rene has 3 Packages in our distribution already:
pptpd, which is both in stable and unstable
logcheck, which is also in stable and unstable
mkinitrd-cd, which is only in unstable at the moment

 I have taken a closer look at the logcheck package (a new version he is
ready to upload) and FreeS/WAN which he also is packaging and they
looked both alright to me.

I recommend that Rene be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

 So long!
While anyone can admit to themselves they were wrong, the true test is
admission to someone else.

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