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Re: task & skills

> My recommendation means nothing for you, but I am not sure if you are sure 
> why you want to become Debian maintaner.

I think I am quite sure.  I help develop and help maintain the Hurd.  As
such, it is important to me the direction it takes.  What is also
important to me is having a voice in the Debian project (of which the
Hurd is a part -- at least the front page of Debian makes that claim).
Sure, I can post to mailing lists and make my opinion known, however, I
cannot vote.  Thus, what happens when there is a vote about the Hurd (or
in general).  Will other developers working and maintaining the Hurd not
have a voice?  Or what if I wish to call a vote?  Or propose an amendment?

> You have listed almost everything but you forgot lots of above works are 
> performed by regular maintaners. If I remember I wrote about Debian accounts, 
> in other word about a some technical aspect which is very useful if you want 
> to upload packages.

Yes and if I remember correctly, one of those orphaned his packages the
other day so that he can concentrate on one of these projects.  Should
we kick him out because his name does not the appear as the maintainer
of the hurd package?

> So it means you are _very_ experienced in non-packaging and packaging Debian 
> work if you have such consolidated opinion. I am sorry but personally I can 
> not say what kind of Debian effort is bigger or more valuable.

I do not understand this comment.  It seems contrary to your previous
arguments.  Before I respond, can you please rephrase it.  Thanks.


Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
neal@walfield.org or neal@cs.uml.edu

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