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Re: RFC: Changing the NM system

On Friday 29 December 2000 16:12, Rene Mayrhofer wrote:
> [Sorry for ranting, but I don't think that it was (a few months ago) usual
> that the account creation took so long. If that is usual, just ignore it
> and/or flame away :-) ]

If you check section "New Maintaners" (especially the Top 30 of this list - 
the most "fresh") on http://nm.debian.org/nmlist.php you can easy calculate 
the average waiting time for the DAM approval - it is 3.6 days (min=0, 
max=15), the average time of AM processing is 6.7 days (min=0, max=24). 

But from some reasons there are 40 guys who are waiting for the DAM approval 
more than 30 days. Of, course these are only statistics.

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