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Re: task & skills

On Sunday 03 December 2000 22:48, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> I think the NM team would appreciate it if you could put together a
> team of volunteers who are willing to sponsor NMs.  You could send
> e-mail to all those NMs who have not been assigned an AM yet (a
> listing is available at http://nm.debian.org/nmlist.php) and offer to
> sponsor them.  This would ensure good applicants and would make the
> job of the AM easier.

That's just a job for applicants. If they may offer something (adoption of 
orphaned packages, new packages) then they should start theirs work and look 
for sponsors. The second one is easier in this case.

> If it works, then the NM process could be changed so that everyone has
> to go through a sponsorship by the QA group before they can apply to
> become a maintainer.  The problem is that this will only apply for
> applicants who want to join Debian as a packager.  What about people
> who want to translate web pages or write documentation?  If they don't
> have to go through the sponsorship, I could imagine that many people
> will say they will join Debian as a translator and once they are
> accpeted start uploadig packages.

Maybe yes, maybe no. It's difficult to say something about it until they 
become maintaners. How you may control them after they became maintaners?
NM process should check skills, not only intentions.

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