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Re: task & skills

> > I'm also the only AM who does a google.com search on the applicant to
> > get a broader picture of his activities.
> And which can often fail. Either you get to much info, because the name
> is to common or you get absolutely no info, because there no website
> with information about him. I think this search won't help you find out
> more about your applicant.

IIRC, I did suggest my AM (hi, evo) to do a google search to see my (silly)
postings to various mailing lists. Anyway, I take it as more or less a
friendly joke. I don't think it should be taken very seriously. People applied
to help on Debian (on this very moment I consider it as Free will + Volunteer
cooperation) we (or you) need some routine to go to test to valid etc, do
that, that is good, but really there would be no point to track them down
too much. (After all, people do change, and we all hate doubleclick, do we? ;-)

And whether if somebody (or me) is qualified? I have no idea. But I do think
I can help, and did/do help (albeit small) and that is my free will to drive me
to help. And this is important to a project driven by volunteer cooperation.
I.e. if that is a company, we do certainly only want the best we could get,
but it is not, IMHO, a volunteer driven project need talented leaders (not
only taht specific leader, ;-) and the more volunteers the better. And if
something cannot workout for a little while (like the NM thingy a little while
back) that means we/you need some infrastructure work, that does _NOT_ mean
you(/we) shoudl stop or what, piss (sorry my English) at volunteers or whatever.

I think that is the whole point of QA group or anyother sub-group in this
bigger group, right? Or documentation taskforces. Or use the NM approve
process as a teaching/get-acquainted process etc.

And what's wrong with me to be proud of the @debian.org email? I don't
even get a penny from it. :-P (And only if you know the pronounciation of Debian
in native Chinese! :-P ) And what's wrong with the, you called ``lazy''
maintainers? I really get _NO_ idea why a volunteer could be called `lazy'?!
Or, shoudl I be called greedy to? and slow and ... (oops, that count to
seven. :-] (smile saves me.)

label me and i'll label you

(okay, i admit that is ridiculous i post this, because the whole point of my
email lost at the moment i post it to blame other volunteers, more talented
and more important (to this project) volunteers. Blame my english, then. ;-)
I sincerely hope you could get the 2'c from my 10 pound rubbish listing.)

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