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Re: task & skills


At last as an argue closing mail.

My english is really bad, it is true. If you want we can continue this
topic in Hungarian, and we will see what about your hungarian skills? ;)

About my tasks as a AM.
I think, my "job" is teaching the applicant to package something.
If this is not my task, then this will be thought by the half sentences
of the ftp-masters which will be public to the community. He will ask,
why Gergely didn't say it? He approved me with my bad package, and now
I've got a deb-installer log, which I can't understand or interpret.
I have to read docs, Gergely was for helping me, but in the real
he dropped me to the deep water.

But now an offer to all of my applicants:
You can ask for a new AM if you want. For a less strict, better AM.
I will send a mail to Dale, and ask for a new AM to you. This AM won't
ask as many things about p&p and t&s as me, and you will be approved
faster, and you will wait in the queue for approving as I did it.
If you want this please send a mail as fast as you can to risko@debian.org
with subject New, better AM please!

Thanks for all of my applicants for them packages and for them fixes,
which weren't needed if I did my job really good, sorry about them.

Gergely Risko

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