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AM report for Igor Genibel

Summary for Igor Genibel <Igor.Genibel@alcove.fr>


Igor's GnuPG key is signed by Debian developer Guillaume Morin.

pub  1024D/9D735B4F 2000-12-01 Igor Genibel (Igor Genibel) <Igor.Genibel@alcove.fr>
sig        578CB542 2000-12-08  Guillaume Morin <gemorin@attglobal.net>

Philosophy & Procedures

Igor showed his understanding of Debian's philosophy by summarizing
the SC and the DFSG.  He also explained the differences between free
beer and free speech using words from French ("gratuit" vs "libre")
and knew the differences between main, contrib and non-free.  Igor is
also subscribed to many Debian mailing lists, knows about NMUs and
about using the BTS.  Finally, he works for Alcôve as a Free Software
Engineer -- Alcôve is pretty well known for their support of free
software and Debian.

Tasks & Skills

Igor wants to package all parts of the search engine "Ecila"
(http://www.ecila.fr).  He has packaged "uri" already ("library to
simply manipulate uri") and intends to package "mifluz (the index
engine), and two or three other applications.  "uri" has been
sponsored by Guillaume Morin and is in incoming already.  It is
lintian clean.


I recommend that Igor be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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