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AM report for Andreas Bombe

Summary for Andreas Bombe <bombe@informatik.tu-muenchen.de>


Andreas' GnuPG key is signed by several Debian developers, including

pub  1024D/04880A44 1999-03-21 Andreas E. Bombe <andreas.bombe@munich.netsurf.de>
sig        68FD549F 2000-12-13  Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>

Philosophy & Procedures

Andreas answered all my questions satisfactorily.  He pointed out
problems with mpg123's license, explained the difference between
free beer and free speech, knew about pristine sources, NMUs, the
Debian mailing lists and the BTS.

Tasks & Skills

Andreas is upstream of "libraw1394" (a library for direct access to the
IEEE 1394 bus) and has provided a debian subdirectory in upstream CVS
for quite some time.  Recently, the package was uploaded to unstable by
sponsor Günter Geiger <geiger@epy.co.at>.  I noticed that "dvgrab"
depends on libraw1394, so I asked the maintainer Daniel Kobras for his
opinion.  He answered,

 > Yes, actually I pushed Andreas to try to include libraw1394 into
 > Debian proper, so I could upload a sane dvgrab package.  I've been
 > following Linux IEEE 1394 development for about a year now, and as
 > far as I can tell, Andreas does an extremely good job at leading the
 > project. I've made use of linux1394 in programs of my own as well and
 > was impressed by the well-designed interface, especially for a
 > project that at the time had been in its early stages. I believe
 > quite a fair part of this is due to Andreas' work. He's quick to fix
 > bugs, yet still thoughtful in his changes.

 > As for the libraw package itself, he has been providing Debian
 > infrastructure in the main CVS for quite some time now. I didn't spot
 > any glitches in the packages, so I asked him why he didn't push them
 > into main. Andreas' answer surprised me: He was concerned about
 > policy violations regarding the creation of device nodes. We worked
 > out how to best solve this problem, which he promptly did. As you
 > know, libraw1394 is in main now, and a nice, lintian-clean package.

 > To summarize, Andreas clearly is a skillful developer. His concern
 > about policies shows that he is aware of Debian rules and guidelines
 > and willing to conform to them. I definitely recommend accepting
 > Andreas as a Debian developer.


I recommend that Andreas be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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