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Re: Current delay to registration (Re: RFC: Changing the NM system)

On Saturday 30 December 2000 03:27, Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> It was longer from May to August, IIRC.  One of my applicant had waited
> 2 or 3 months until finally he got registered. 

Yes, just one. 125 days - if we beliewe nm.debian.org. The rest of yours 
applicants have waited less than 20 days in this year. I wrote about 40 guys 
who are waiting more then 30 days.

> The DAM is busy, all AMs are here to help his task.  We should keep it
> in mind.   Of course, all AMs are just volunteers, as well as the DAM.
> So if we don't like this situation, anyone in our team can stop working
> at anytime.

The applicants are _also_ volunteers (and humans) and they may also work hard 
on debian packages. So what can they do it if they don't like this situation 
(situation with current NM process)? I think they do nothing.

>  | So please guys, leave your ego at the door, and focus on what you,
>  | individually can do to move the process along. Lets all admit from the
>  | start that the other guy is as "right" as we are, (in some context or
>  | other ;-) and that being right is not the issue, while getting the job
>  | done is the entire issue.
> This was told when we started to work to build the current NM system.

Yes, I fully agree. But these sentences more refers to the DAMs work actually.

> From my point of view, the DAM do their jobs with some intermittent
> pattern. Usually once in month, so max "waiting for DAM" days would be
> basically less than one month.  But the order of the process may be
> affected the time of initial application sending time as well as the final
> report sending time. So prediction is difficult.

Yes, the prediction is very difficult especially when the order of the 
process is _not_ affected the time of initial application or time of AM 
approval (from the last 3-4 months at least - according to information on 

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