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Re: Goswin Brederlow

>> Eric Schwartz <emschwar@rmi.net> writes:

 > My reply to him was that I'd approve his Tasks & Skills check,
 > conditional on his fixing this (relatively trivial) packaging error.
 > Is that appropriate, or should I just approve him and let the BTS
 > handle the packaging problem?

 This is the guy who filed several dozen bugs with severity *important*
 for packages without Build-Depends information, something that is
 specified on the Packaging Manual, where it is not clear if such a
 field is required or not (what people think is another matter).  In
 general he seems to have his own definition of severities (esp.
 "important") and doesn't seem to care about what people have told him
 again and again.  Take a look at the bugs he's submitted and ask
 youself why the number of open bugs is so much larger than the number
 of resolved bugs.

 In other words, to a avoid endless flamewars later, please make sure he
 *understands* the Debian Policy and BTS at least.  And given how much
 and how frequently he complains about other people's lousy packages, he
 should be able to do much better than xlife (I mean, that doesn't take
 more than 30 minutes to package, does it?)



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