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Re: AM report for Mariusz Przygodzki

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I would like to ask you about what kind of information I have to provide to
the AM yet in order to complete my application. I ask you about it because
unfortunately some people have already informed me (in private conversations)
my AM report can not satisfy the DAMs.

I really do not want to bring any pressure to bear on you and it is not my
intention. I would like to know only what I have to do more to complete my
application in the future, even if it takes long time.

Currently I maintain the following packages: kdbg, kmago, krusader, kups,
qtcups and quanta. I am going to finish few new packages soon (includes 4
already adopted by me) and I start to concern it will be very difficult for
me to react to bugs, problems and new upstream releases as quickly as I have
the will to do it.

Best Regards,

Mariusz Przygodzki        |  Good judgement comes from experience.
dune@home.pl              |  Experience comes from bad judgement.
http://www.dune.home.pl   |
GPG KeyID: 0x42FAD771
GPG Fingerprint: 1990 F07B FFB4 BE0B FF26 10C2 BE2B 965C 42FA D771

On Sunday 26 November 2000 02:34, Mike Markley wrote:
> Report for new-maintainer applicant Mariusz Przygodzki
> I am pleased to report that Mariusz has satisfied the requirements for
> becoming a Debian maintainer.
> Identity
> --------
> Mariusz has provided a gpg key (attached) signed by Piotr Roszatycki
> <dexter@debian.org>, checked with keyring.debian.org.
> Philosophy & Procedures
> -----------------------
> Mariusz agrees with the Social Contract and DMUP and will abide by
> them. Further, applicant is able to provide examples and counter-examples
> of DFSG-compliant licenses, and understands and can describe why or why
> not the given examples comply.
> Tasks & Skills
> --------------
> Mariusz's sponsor has uploaded several of his packages, including
> qtcups, kups, and kmago. His sponsor, Bradley Bell <btb@debian.org>,
> reports that Mariusz is knowledgeable about the packaging system and
> responsive to problems. I have also reviewed his packages and found
> Mariusz to be competent.
> Summary
> -------
> I recommend that Mariusz be accepted as a Debian maintainer.
> Debian login: leto
> Forwarding address: dune@home.pl
> debian-private subscription address: leto@debian.org
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