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Re: task & skills

On 00-12-03 Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> As a matter of fact he emphasised several times that I should take my time
> to do my job properly and was very serious about the quality of debian
> packages. He proved to be competent in all the aspects of packaging and
> 'debianness' we encountered so far. However, he answered promtly to my
> questions/mails/statements and I could not say, that time was wasted on his
> behalf.

This is really nice to hear but makes me wonder why he then really let
then someone like the xgospel maintainer slip through the process with
such a buggy package instead of putting him on hold and make some more
test to see if he will produce better package in the future. (This is
not personally meant.)

> I am willing to step down from beeing a Debian developer if Martins
> approach to things should prove to have been too sloppy or if he did
> not take his part of NM prosess not serious.

I think you are overreacting here. No one said that Martins approch is
generally bad, but for Adrian and myself it looks like he's a bit lazy
in the task&skill test of the NM. We are both doing work for QA and we
see it from the perspective of the QA Team, for which this NMs can
create a lot of work which is not needed. So we propose some stricter
test to make sure that an NM produces quality package for a quality
distrbution. You shouldn't take this to personal, but think a bit more
about the quality of debian.

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