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Re: task & skills

Lenart Janos wrote:
> Just take a look at 
> the NM list page[1] and the lintian permaintainer reports[2]. It would 
> take me a lot's of time to analyze it in every NMs case, and I don't 
> want to write here just some names. The best is to see it for yourself: 
> pick an NM from the list[1], than see his lintian report[2]. Repeat 
> this. (NMs without packages does not count) Then, try to pick some 
> non-NM reports[2].

Be careful with statistics ... new maintainers are likely to bring
new packages into debian, and recently uploaded packages are more 
likely to have bugs than older ones. To be fair you should compare
with recently uploaded packages by senior debian members.


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