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Sponsorship of a new maintainer

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Dear Members of the New Maintainer Team:

I am sending this message in the hope that I can expedite the procedure of 
processing a new applicant for the Debian team.  The candidate's name is: 
Serge M. Egelman <serge@guanotronic.com>.

I know this applicant personally (in fact,  I recruited him for Debian), 
can vouch for his identity (I have signed his PGP key) and his computer 
skills.  In my opinion, he would make a fine member of the Debian team and 
would prove to be valuable asset to the project.

Since we both live in the same town (in fact, he is a student of mine), I 
am available to mentor him and provide assistance in "learning the ropes" 
of the responsibilities required of a maintainer.  Please keep this in 
mind when processing his application.

Thank you for your attention, and keep up the good work.


Brian Mays

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